Keep your hair healthy while getting a color you love or 
get a stand-alone treatment to repair already damaged hair.

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Going from dark brown/black or red hair to light blonde in one or two sessions or lightening already lightened hair use to be impossible without the hair getting extremely damaged. Now with olaplex, you can get that very light hair with minimal damage. If your hair is already damaged it may just keep it in the state its already in or may help it feel more healthy depending on the amount of damage. Olaplex is mandatory for these kinds of services and is included in the cost because attempting to do these colors without olaplex would result in hair breaking off. If you're wanting to go blonde from dark hair or the blonde you have isn't quite light enough olaplex is the perfect solution.

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Olaplex can also be used by itself to repair the integrity of your hair. If your hair is the color you already want it but was damaged getting it there a stand-alone treatment would be perfect for you to get it back to a healthy state. The stand-alone treatment is more than a deep conditioner it goes inside the hair to repair the bonds instead of just coating the outside. deep conditioners make the hair appear more healthy but it's just a coating. Olaplex is a great option for anyone who wants to keep their hair as healthy as it can be.


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